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Climate and Season
Temperature changes are slight and there are no seasons as known in northern climes. The only seasons in Venezuela are the rainy and the dry seasons. There is a cool weather from November through February, particularly in high altitude areas such as The Andes, Gran Sabana, Guayana and the Coastal range in which Caracas is located. The hottest months are July and August, especially in the humid Maracaibo, where the summer months send the temperatures soaring to above 100°F (38°C).

Caracas Temperatures:

Average: 22°C (72°F).

March-October: 17°C-33°C (62°F-91°F)

November-February: 12°C-28°C (52°F-82°F)

Rainy Season: May to mid-November. Due to meteorological phenomena, it sometimes rains heavily at varying times during the dry season. Among those phenomena are polar air fronts coming down from the north, as well as the convergence of northeasterly and southeasterly trade winds.

Enjoy every place and environment to the maximum! Remember it is a special occasion, you are far away from home, meeting another culture, another vision of the world… Venezuela has plenty to offer!

Due to its location in a tropical area and a variable topography, the country enjoys a tropical weather. The Caribbean coast is warm, dry with spots of rainforests and sunny almost all year-round.
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