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3 Years


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The Roraima is one of the oldest, exotic and strangest places in the planet. It integrates the group of mountains of the “Macizo Guayanes” with a relief in shape of a table which were formed about 2 billion years ago. The Roraima Tepuy belongs 80% to Venezuela, 10% to Brazil and 10% to the British Guyana. For Indians communities each “Tepuy” represents a God. They are sacred places that nature has given them as a gift. Trek across marvelous sites of tropical savannah and amazons jungles, a fauna and flora , preserved ( 70% endemic life style),thanks to the specific evolution of this formation, arising savannahs to the base of the mountain and to a meadow alive with multi-colored birds and fireflies, considered in guidebooks as being one of the best places in the world!

Explore and feel the rush described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World. The Roraima wall is extremely impressive, rising 2,727 mts…


Grade VI. It is a demanding challenging adventure with extensive outdoor activity. Requires excellent fitness and endurance, plus previous experience and a degree of skill in trekking. Requires also the collaboration of everyone and a good sense of cohabitation of participants.

Size of the group: MIN 4 PAX - MAX 14 PAX.

Average of trekking: 4-5 hours of trekking per day

Temperature: Average 26 C° during the day. Minimum 2°C at night.

Personal equipment for the Expedition the max weight allowed is 15 kilos per Pax.

Best Season: Oct -April **Ask for departure dates.







Program Day by Day

• 7 nights in Roraima Tepuy in tents with all camping equipment, porters for food and equipment while trekking in Roraima. Full board and soft drinks.
• Professional bilingual guide.

DAY 1 - Santa Elena - Paraitepuy (5 hours / 12 Km.) (BLD)

Breakfast. Meeting with our porters in Paraitepuy: a small indigenous village of the “Pemón” community. We begin our trek across rolling grassland of the savannah. Crossing several streams we ford the “Tek River” where we will camp the first night having a fantastic view of the stark face of Roraima ahead and Kukenán Tepuy to its left. We can also admire the pinnacle of rock next to Roraima where Conan Doyle’s heroes climbed to the top. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 2 - Trekking in Roraima (5 hours / 12 KMS) (BLD)

Trek across rising savannah to the base of the mountain to camp in a meadow alive with multi-colored birds and fireflies at night, this place is considered in guidebooks as being one of the best campsites in the world ! The Roraima wall is extremely impressive here rising 3,000 feet directly in front of the camp, with the quart in the rock glittering in the late afternoon sun.

DAY 3 - Trekking in Roraima (5 hours /3 KMS) (BLD)

In the morning we set off up the route that leads diagonally across the face of the Roraima wall. The narrow trail winds through the mountain and crosses the small streams where hummingbirds, orchids and brightly colored flowers are abundant. Higher up, the vegetation changes to pre-historic tree ferns and the trail leads under a waterfall descending from the cliff edge hundreds of feet above. After 4-5 hours we arrive at the summit, guarded by massive rocks at the top – looking back for an incredible view. We visit the Valley of Crystals, the river-valley of the Arobopo River shaped like an amphitheater. The river itself runs over a bed of crystals and crystal fragments. We visit the northern point of Mount Roraima for stunning views from various points on the edge.

DAY 4-6 - Trekking in Roraima (9 hours / 20 Km) (BLD)

We explore Roraima’s summit trekking a long circular route to the triple border point, where Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil meet each other. We walk through strange rock formations, surprisingly lush valleys and places where the ground is covered with sparkling quartz crystals. There are rock pools everywhere and in them you may be lucky enough to see the strange black toads, unique to Mount Roraima. The plant life is bizarre, as over half the species are unique to Tepuys or to Roraima alone, including several species of orchids and carnivorous plants. We also visit the Oil Bird cave (Guacharo bird).

DAY 7-8 - Trekking in Roraima-Santa Elena (6 hours / 14 KMS) (BLD)

In the morning there is still time to explore the surroundings of the Tepuy. Begin the descent from the Tepuy until reaching Paraitepuy, where a chauffeur is awaiting you to transfer to a traditional restaurant in the region, where you will enjoy a well-deserved delicious lunch.